6 ways to get rid of red bumps & ingrown hairs caused by shaving or waxing

Those red bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs all caused by shaving or waxing
are the last thing you want to see…let alone in your nether regions. Questions
about how to get rid of those unsightly, embarrassing bumps are among the most
frequently asked on ChickRx.6 ways to get rid of red bumps & ingrown hairs caused by shaving or waxing

So we’ve compiled six effective strategies you can use
to treat those rash-like red bumps next time your skin decides to go haywire after a
wax or shave.


First: A Word On Preventing Red Bumps
Of course, the key to not having to deal with ingrown hairs and skin irritation is to
prevent them altogether. So before your next shave or wax, follow these important

  • Make sure you are never waxing or shaving skin that is already irritated. If your skin is particularly inflamed or broken out with bumps, waxing or shaving will further irritate the area and could even lead to serious skin infections or scarring.
  • Exfoliate the area before you wax or shave.
  • Before you shave (assuming your skin is not irritated), make sure you soak in warm water or let your skin absorb the hot steam from the shower for at least three minutes.
  • Apply a protective shave gel rather than a cream as creams can clog your pores.
  • Make sure you’re using a clean, sharp razor (a new one if it’s disposable), shave in the direction of the hair growth, and do not pull the skin tight to try to get a closer shave (yep, this can cause ingrown hairs).
  • After shaving or waxing, make sure the area is completely clean and dry, then apply a layer of baby powder, coconut oil or other soothing, protective product.

Manual Exfoliation 
If you do get red razor bumps, though, let’s talk about how to treat them. Those
bumps are caused by ingrown hairs—hair that curls back on itself and grows into
the skin, causing inflammation and redness. Sometimes these ingrown hairs/bumps
also get infected, causing folliculitis.

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