Andrew Raposo, a famous personal trainer, has developed a slimming method, called “Flat Belly Overnight”– using only one simple trick you will lose two pounds of belly fat in one night.Raposo has been using this method for years; one day he wanted to help his sister with her overweight problem and shared the trick with her, not knowing if it will work for her.LOSE 52 POUNDS IN 6 WEEKS, USING ONLY ONE TRICK BEFORE GOING TO BEDCan this trick for flat belly overnight work for everyone? Strict diets and exercising can lead to losing the extra weight, but this doesn`t work for everyone.


Some people have been fighting this problem for years, trying everything, without result, not to mention the negative consequences like constant hunger, low energy level, insomnia, joint problems and many more.

Raposo`s sister, Amy, was one of them, she developed type II diabetes from the excess belly fat, which also made her vulnerable to conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer or Alzheimer`s.

In Raposo`s experience, working as a trainer for many years, women over 40 have a common problem with getting rid of the belly fat, that starts to accumulate with age due to hormonal changes which makethe metabolism work slower. In this situation it`s easier to gain weight and harder to burn the belly fat.

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